Upper West Side Renovation

Working closely with the homeowners, a successful young Wall Street couple, who initially owned a two bedroom unit which DDG had renovated in 2005 & 06, they later acquired the adjacent apartment to accomodate their growing family. DDG embarked on a planning/design process that included creating well proportioned, comfortable & safe residence with quality components, seamless finishes as well as fine wood working and floors that tend to dominate an apartments interior. 
While it may appear simple to combine two adjacent Manhattan apartments, removing the demising wall is the least complicated part of the project. It's sort of like an episode of 'Seinfeld', one really doesn't know what they are in for, until the story unfolds and the law of unintended consequences kicks in a big way. 
Considering that most successful Manhattan investment bankers lead highly- stressful work lives working 16 hour days, their apartments serve a critical role in providing sanctuary from the intensity of a fast track existence. This creates a high-value proposition when it comes to tackling complicated year long renovations for Manhattan residents who pay a fortune to reside in the best neighborhoods- therefore establishing realistic timelines, budgets and alternative living arrangements requires an important focus on setting the clients expectations. 
The process of planning thru entitlements often takes longer then the actual construction phase. For example, beyond the design/planning and engineering design, the process includes many months of adminstrative and regulatory challenges which includes COOP board approvals, NYC's Landmark Preservation scrutiny as well as Department of Building's review. 
Manahattan's prewar apartment building's often are the most coveted address, since they most often occupy the best locations, they offer architectural character ( exterior & Interior) and the interior detailing tends to be higher quality. Yet the age & condition of these buildings often becomes a critical factor since they are very challenging to renovate due the masonry & plaster walls, embedded steam pipes which tend to leak, lack of electrical power and old plumbing pipes. The reconstruction process working from small elevators or climbing up /down stairs is yer another factor to contend with for the construction professionals. Despite the hassles, high cost and time which they take place- the finished residents become very appreciated and often very valuable. 
This causes a renovation to be a lengthy and costly proposition- yet to completed residences are wonderful homes or sanctuary.